Packaging Design Trends- 5 Wonderful Trends in 2022

Packaging design trends 2022 consist of many fun, colorful and interesting designs. You can always judge a book by its cover. The idiom isn’t suitable for the people who refer to buy the product by the appearance of its packaging. The packaging design for products is often what influences people’s decisions about which products to buy. Which means, packaging design should fulfill the desire of the customer. Infact, research suggests that 81% of people have tried new products only because the packaging design has caught their eye.

Additionally, let’s not forget the fact that good packaging design acts as an ambassador for the brand. Whereas poor packaging design may result in less sales, loss of brand’s identity. However, the trends in packaging design also means a lot. If you still follow the old trends then you may have to revise your deck of creativity. Because there are multiple trends for packaging design in 2022 that are worth every penny.

A great deal of attention is given to the design trends of packaging in 2022. Advancement in technology has helped graphic designers to create the next level of packaging design. Such designs have helped companies to achieve more sales and profit.

Minimalist Packaging


A minimalist product art philosophy emphasizes natural color, uncluttered visuals and clean design. The trend involves simplifying features, such as strong typography, and using soft pastel color for the entire packaging design. As the labeling of the product must be clear and the branding throughout the design must be consistent, minimalist packaging design speaks for itself. Moreover, the minimalist packaging design urges the customer to know more about the product.

Localized Design


Localized design uses illustration that depicts and connects with locals of the town. The best example of localized design is “India Gate- Basmati Rice”. As the name suggests, the product packaging design has an illustration of India Gate, which connects with sentiments of Indian people. However the same packaging will not be as effective abroad. Therefore, that’s how illustration is strong. Using illustration instantly catches the emotional appeal of the customer. Hence, localized design with illustration creates a great impact on the end users plus it is always a safer option if the product is new in the market.

Interactive Packaging Design


Letting your customers interact with the brand is one the best ways to keep them entertained and retained with the product. The modern era has led many interactive ideas where the customer can interact with the design. For example, providing OR code which directly leads to the review page of the product’s website, packaging that helps to use the product in a much easier way. The best example of this can be, Point Pinto Wine. The packaging allows customers to have a fun activity, connecting the dots on the label of the wine bottle. This allows customer to be engaged and fun while drinking. The packaging was made more functional and also innovative idea of packaging for wine brand.

Pastel, Earthy and Neutral Color Shades


Pastel, earthy and neutral color shades give an elegant look the whole packaging design. Moreover it showcases the luxury of the product. Besides, such color shades bring out the personality of the brand and give a powerful impact. Pastel, Earthy and Neutral Color Shades also provide a warm and sense of reassuring feeling. In the coming years, pastel and earthy colors will rule the packaging design trend.

Abstract Design

Abstract design gives an aesthetic approach to the brand and the product as well. Mostly the abstract design is suitable for cosmetics brands. Such designs, refreshes the brain, stands out from the shelf and ignites the creativity that urges customers to know what the product is.

In a Nutshell of Packaging Design

To let your client sustain in the market, a graphic designer needs to understand and follow the packaging design. With the above 5 wonderful trends in packaging design must have geared up your mind for your next packaging design project. Following these designs will ultimately help you to retain the position in the market.

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