6 Ways to Overcome a Creative Block

To overcome creative block is a hustle every creative person faces. Let’s admit it, being creative isn’t like turning on the faucet and having water start flowing. No this is not how creativity works. In order to make something creative, you must be inspired by something around you that inspires you. Being a creative person and working into the creative industry isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are hurdles that every creative person faces. It can be tricky to keep up with the creativity all the time. It is inevitable that you will hit a wall from time to time, whether you are a graphic designer, artist, or writer.

So what do you do when you are at the point of a creative block? Do you try to push yourself, work even harder, redo your work until that “wow” satisfaction comes? Or do you just take a break from everything you are doing?
Sometimes a creative block can be for days and even for hours. This happens because of a stress and feeling of overwhelming which does not allow your creativity to spark. However, it is okay to take deep breaths until you are able to get your creative juices flowing again. So here are 6 ways enlisted to overcome a creative block.   

Tip 1: Fuel Your Inspiration Engine

Power of creativity

Before an athlete plays his sports, he makes sure to take in all the energy and nourishment for the game to play well. Right. Same way, a creative person needs a good source of inspiration and nourishment. A creative block is more like a disease, soon you cure, soon you will be back to work. Fuel your inspiration engine from the surroundings, bookmark the post or ideas that you will. Always note down anything that clicks in your mind. Honestly, creativity does not come from magic or from sitting around waiting for an idea to strike. Feeding your mind with what interests you is an important part of inspiring creativity.

Tip 2: Have a Music Playlist to Overcome Creative Block

music image to inspire your creativity

Music has the power to heal your soul. This also helps in boosting your creativity. It is observed that many people have more focus and concentration power while soothing music plays in the background. By a proven theory, music helps you to release serotonin hormone in the brain (feel good hormone or mood stabilizer)  which makes you feel light & less stressed. So indulge in good music to inspire your creativity.

Tip 3: Modify your Space

Your environment affects your creativity a lot. Having messy, dark, and clustered surroundings is going to greatly affect your creativity. Try to keep things arranged and organized. Decorate your space with positive things like dream catchers, posters from your favorite personality. Also make sure that there is enough light, your desk or space beside or near a window will be an amazing place for you to sit. In addition you can always buy beautiful lamps. Modifications may also include repainting the space or rearranging the whole room. However, you can’t do this every time you have a creative block so save this big modification for a major creativity crisis.

Tip 4: Keep Gadgets at Bay to Overcome Creative Block 

So to open your creative block, stay away from technology and gadgets for a few days. Sometimes being on social media may help you to bookmark someone else’ idea or approach. However it wont boost your creativity, on the other hand social media can distract you in many ways and even damage the potential you carry. So it is best advised to stay away from technology and gadgets. Try to be more in nature, observe your surroundings, know what you are feeling.

Tip 5: Carry Pen & Notebook’ while You have Creative Block

creative block to over come

Always carry a pen and notebook, you never know where inspiration can hit you. While you roam around and observe your surroundings, you can witness something that will strike an idea in your mind. So a notebook and pen with you will always be beneficial.

Tip 6: Stop Overthinking

Another major reason for your creative block is you are thinking way too much. Without going through a defined process will lead you to a creative block. The harder you try the more it will ruin. So it is best to stop, breathe and take a break. Sometimes this is all you need. Mental pressure of deadlines, too much work can block your creativity. Take time to take care of yourself, have self-care days, keep reading for thoughts, and see if you can make yourself happier.

Final Thoughts

These 6 tips to overcome a creative block will definitely help you. You are an artist and it is okay if your work is not upto the mark. Sometimes to get the best you require a break. These six tips will bring out the best of you. 


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